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What can I do to help myself?

There are lots of things that you can do yourself to reduce your anxiety

  • Wellbeing Useful Tip cards click here
  • Wellbeing Anxiety & Health Anxiety self help booklets use a Cognitive Behavioural Approach to help you to reduce your generalised anxiety or specific health anxieties. Download here.
  • Relaxation, Yoga & meditation
  • Mental health Apps (e.g. NHS choices)
  • Online self-help packages, e.g
  • Support groups.
  • Keeping connected to other people, see link
  • Life changes, such as getting a regular good night’s sleep, keeping to a healthy diet, reducing your alcohol intake and getting regular exercise, can be effective in helping you feel healthier and more relaxed

For other useful information on how to help yourself and useful links click here.

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