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Relationships & Mental Health

Have you noticed a change in your partner’s mood recently?  Have they been anxious, low in mood or irritable?  Remember in times of prolonged stress these changes are common.  Covid-19 makes this more challenging as it is something none of us have ever faced before.

If you have noticed any of these changes in your partner, try not to read too much into it.  If you think something you said or have done is what has triggered these changes, ask them when you are both calm and be direct.  If they tell you that you haven’t done anything to make them feel like that, believe them.  Don’t dwell on reading more into the situation.

If you find yourself being snappy, critical or judgemental, take a breath and pause.  Try to find something kind to say and be patient.  Remember, your partner is very likely feeling the same worries and stresses that you are.  Try to make a point of saying please and thank you to each other, even for the little things.  Be kind to one another and you will get through this challenging time together.

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