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Home practice is an important component of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based treatments for psychological symptoms.

Developed collaboratively during therapy sessions, home practice is used to rehearse new skills, practice coping strategies, and restructure destructive beliefs.

At Wellbeing we have these prepared science-based worksheets that you can use to compliment therapy and will provide you with an insight into CBT giving you the tools to apply to your life for a better you and a brighter tomorrow.

1. Therapy Goals
2. Unhelpful Thinking Styles
3. Finding Alternative Thoughts & Actions
4. Questions to Find Alternative Thoughts
5. 3 Column Thought Record CBT
6. 6 Column Thought Record
7. Column Thought Record
8. Self Critical Thought Record
9. Worry Thought Record
10. 5 Areas Worksheet
11. Basic Formulation
12. Self-Esteem Formulation
13. Problem Solving
14. Pro's & Con's of change?
15. Home Practice Record
16. STOPP Worksheet
17. Worry Diary
18. Beck's Cognitive Model Example
19. Cognitive Model of Depression
20. Daily Activity Log
21. Hourly Activity Diary
22. Activity Diary (AM,PM)
23. Weekly Planner
24. Behavioural Activation
25. Behavioural Experiment
26. Behavioural Experiment Record
27. Avoidance Hierarchy
28. Relapse Prevention
29. Longitudinal Formulation
30. Exposure Homework
31. Diary of Positive Qualities
32. Physiological State

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