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Crisis Information

Are you looking for help in a crisis?

Wellbeing is not a 24/7 service and does not accept crisis referrals. If you are at risk of harm to yourself or others, please reach out to a loved one or within working hours contact your G.P. You can also contact the following:

Are you or someone you know suicidal?

Find more information on suicide here:

  • Talk openly about suicide and don't avoid the issue
  • Listen to your friend or relative's feelings
  • Express your own feelings
  • Ask for help
  • Do not be judgemental
  • Alternatives are available, talk about those
  • Do not promise confidentiality, you may need to call for urgent help
  • Remove any means the person has to complete or attempt suicide
  • Get assistance

What to do in a crisis

  • DO bring the person to a calm environment
  • DON'T give complex instructions
  • DO explain what you are doing and why
  • DO speak calmly to avoid excitements
  • DON'T make sudden moves
  • DON'T talk a person out of their feelings - they are very real to them
  • DO stay with the person and listen (if safe for you)
  • DON'T assume that everything a person says is the result of a delusion - it may be true
  • DO get help from professionals

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