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The Agoraphobia course is helpful for people who have developed a fear of being in situations where they feel unable to escape or that help will not be available if something goes wrong. Situations may include; leaving the house, being alone, being in crowded places, being in enclosed spaces such as an elevator or public transport. Symptoms of agoraphobia may include, panic and anxiety, avoidance, difficulty concentrating and intrusive thoughts and images.

The course will run one per week for 6 weeks and uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles and techniques to explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. A range of practical skills and techniques will be discussed which will help you overcome your feared situation.

Agoraphobia Group aims: 

To gain a better understanding of Agoraphobia and learn how it affects the way we think, feel and behave.

To learn skills to control and manage the symptoms of Agoraphobia.

Time: Tuesday 2pm-4pm

Duration: 6 weeks

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